Media Projects

The ESRC Copper Project brought an opportunity for media students in Swansea University's Media and Communication department to be inspired by the heritage of Welsh copper. Over the course of the academic year 2010 to 2011 four students, Amy Evans, Gemma, Gethin Williams and Kristina Richter and their tutor Mr Peter Jones worked with Research Officer Tehmina Goskar to come up with ideas for short sketches that showcased elements of Swansea's copper heritage, and in return gave them material for their video production project. They also documented the Copper Day festival and this footage has rapidly become a new document of Swansea's history.

Copper Day by Swansea University

Filmed and edited by Mr Peter Jones, Swansea University Media and Communication studies with student footage. The film also shows clips of the recent major museum exhibition curated by the ESRC Copper Project, Byd Copr Cymru-A World of Welsh Copper.

Copperopolis. A film by Swansea University Media students

This video is the first major film shot by four Swansea University Media students. After a call went out requesting interest in a media project that related to the ESRC Copper Project these students volunteered to base their video production module projects on Swansea's copper heritage.

Swansea Copper Story

This is a rough cut of one of the student films made for their video production project. It was made by Gemma and Amy Evans. There are some errors in the captions.